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Pleaded Guilty

Thursday afternoon after the flash-monsoon that flooded multiple highways (and my basement) subsided, I made my way to traffic court to face my punishment for my accidental violation of the speed limit.
To my delight, the local prosecutor offered me a deal, he reduced my 90 mph in a 65 to 70 in a 65 and a $120 dine and $85 court fee. He also cut my points in half from 6 to 3. So its off to drivers ed to clean up my record and try to keep my insurance from ballooning out of control.

So it’s back to driving like a blue-haired old lady- no more speed racer for me.


A tale of two craigs

This year we are going to start our plants from seed.  There are many different techniques used for starting seeds ranging from dropping some soil and the seed into an old yogurt container, to the hi-tech seed propagation systems with heating pads on timers.  I was hoping to land somewhere in the middle.

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