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The silence of snow

All the New Yorkers with snow sensitive eyes please look away…I love snow! I just finished my second shovel session and to be perfectly frank with you…I love it.  There is a majestic silence during a snow storm that captivates me.  The cold air, the deafening silence and the tranquility of the falling snow is my idea of utopia.  If my winter sleeping bag wasn’t in the attic, I’d be very  very very tempted to grab my tent and sleep outside.

I can even say I enjoy shoveling. Unlike it’s buggy and sticky summertime cousin:  lawn mowing, I find shoveling to be a relaxing, but physically rewarding task.

Unfortunately, I left my camera bag in the bedroom and to be perfectly honest, I think the tripod is also buried in the rubble of the basement reorganization that took place during the duct replacement.  So the mid-storm nighttime images I’ve been enjoying will be captured in my head and not on the San Disk digital media card loaded in the camera.


Busy holiday

I’m not sure which part of the past two weeks has been more stressful – my wife’s foot surgery, the usual craziness that accompanies the holiday season, the furnace breaking down twice during the Nor’Easter that left piles of wonderful snow or the fact that Santa left me a lump of coal…which I was unable to burn to heat my house.

However, in spite of all that, henry and I did manage to get outside and play in the snow at Papa and Nonni’s house.