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Seedlings available

After a delayed start, Howard Farms has started it’s seeds and this year’s seedlings are doing great.  I’ve re-potted the tomatoes and broccoli, and squash already and will work on the rest of the gang later this week.  Anyone in the area that wants or needs some plants…please let me know, we should plenty of extras.

Here’s this list of this year’s garden, most if not all were ordered from Johnny’s: Cherokee Purple tomatoesGranadero,  tomatoesSun Gold tomatoesMartha Washington tomatoesMarketmore cucumbers,  Northern pickling cucumbersKrimzon Lee peppersRomaine lettucePurple Haze carrotsSweet Sunrise peppers, Leonardis peppers,  Carmen PepperRed Flame PepperRed Rocket Pepper, Basil, Fortex pole beansArcadia Broccoli,  Yukon Gold potatoesImperial Star artichokes



Three days and seedlings have sprouted. WOW! To add to my exuberance…the tubers have shipped as well.  Garden fever is spreading in the Howard House.

On another note, I’ve crossed the line of no return and registered for my first running event,  the Briarcliff has Heart 5k.