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Falling to pieces

It seems like the Howard house cannot catch a break.  After a rough fall filled with pneumonia’s, the flu times 2 and other assorted ailments, I thought 2012 would be respite for my family.  Unfortunately I started the year off with a ruptured ear drum and my wife has spent the better part of the past two- weeks recovering from a tonsil and adenoidectomy (the recovery period for adults is lengthier and much more difficult than for kids).

However to add injury to the insults…I’ve had a bum shoulder for the past eight-years.  Usually it acts up for a few days at a time and then goes away.  This time, the pain has stayed for three weeks – time to see my orthopedic doctor.  Upon further review, it turns out to not be my shoulder, but my neck.  The diagnosis is degenerative disc disease and arthritis. The solution is physical therapy and attempt to improve my posture, range of motion, strength and flexibility and let hope that in six weeks I’m good as new.

On the bright side, my knees and ankles have been doing well with my new running regimen (and the anti-inflammatory he prescribed for my neck should help as well) and my doctor sees no reason to curtail my new found hobby.

Should be an interesting month of March.


New endevaors

By now, most of our new years resolutions have come and gone.  Hopefully one or two have stuck.  I’m not a huge fan of setting unrealistic expectations upon myself and then beating myself up when I fall short of those expectations.

However, I can saw that for the past year or so, I have felt out of shape.  Not the, oh I need to drop 10-pounds feeling, but the I’m sluggish, I used to hike 30-miles a weekend and now I get winded doing laps at Stop&Shop feeling that rushes over me as I scan the DVR for something to watch while polishing off a bowl of Lucky Charms.   I did not promise myself I would do anything in-particular about these feeling, but I miss being active and I’ve been trying to figure how how to squeeze some activity into my already over-booked life.

The epiphany came on February 9, 2012, a little late to be a new years resolution, but just in time.  I had a meeting for work in the city and I decided to walk to a few different places and all told, I think I might have walked a total of 4-miles between my trips to/from the train station, the High Line and to the meeting place.  I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I was beat. My feet hurt, I was winded, but worst of all…my ego was bruised.

The next day, I told my sister-in-law (who will remain anonymous for her own protection) how out of shape I was and that I needed to find the time to get fit.  She suggested that I train for a 5k race in May.  In the past, I have found every excuse to not run, ranging from my bad knees, bum ankle to I can’t find shoes that fit my clunky feet.  All jokes aside…this is exactly what I needed.  I needed an event to train for, something to focus on. Something that I can devote an hour a day towards.

After a few walks and early (5:00 am) morning runs, I have started enjoying myself.  I even went down to the good folks at Westchester Road Runner in White Plains and got fitted for a pair of real running shoes.

It’s been two weeks and so far, so good.  Rather than bore the world with daily posts on my mileage and running times, I’ll keep that data on a new page on the blog titled Running.  However I will try and highlight some of my successes as they occur.

I resolve…

With the arrival of the new year, I looked back at 2011 to see where my time for blogging and practicing taking photographs disappeared.  I was shocked by the sampling of the last 45-days of 2011.

My wife and son both battled pneumonia, influenza, strep throat and a viral infection with a 104 fever which prompted  a visit to the emergency room.  Our family endured the tragic death of our puppy and witnessed a close and dear friend suffer the sudden and horrific loss of a parent.

The last day of the year ended with such a severe case of sinusitis that wound up with a ruptured eardrum.

With the hope and promise of a fresh start, I have been looking forward to 2012, but right on cue, the new year has started off with dueling cases of conjunctivitis.

So I resolve to stay optimistic in 2012 and maintain a positive “can do” attitude, no matter what distractions come my way.