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The Quest for Tomato Self-sufficiency

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The garden continues to produce tomatoes at an unheralded pace. I am expecting three more Cherokee Purples in the next few days and I’ve been adding four or five of the little cherry tomatoes to almost every meal I’ve eaten this week. … Continue reading

The tomatoes are coming the tomatoes are coming

Get ready for fresh bruschetta, salsa and homemade marinara sauce!  Those delicate little yellow flowers on the tomato plants have magically transformed into the first set of tomatoes.  So far two species have fruit, the home-grown Grandero’s and a store bough cherry tomato plant.  Hopefully the remaining plants will follow suit soon.

My guess is the scorching heat of the past week accelerated the garden’s growth.  My cucumber and squash plants also quadrupled in size and most of my pepper plants have blossoms.  You gotta love photosynthesis.

Unfortunately I lent my camera to a co-worker, so there will be no snap-shops of the lovely fruit.

I’ve also noticed a resurgence in my efforts to recycle and compost.   I am normally very good about recycling all of our cardboard, cans and bottles but lately I have gotten back into the composting business.  Maybe it’s a result of tending to the garden, but I’ve been more inclined to take the extra time to toss my kitchen scraps into the compost bin.  There is something very satisfying seeing your compost and recycling bins filled and your garbage cans empty.

Tale of the tomatoes

Behold a herculean effort that shall be recorded in the Farmers’ Almanac and documented by the guy’s with the green thumbs. Somehow a few of my tomato plants survived and seem to be thriving.
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