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The end of my blogging hiatus

It’s been far too long since my last post.  I have no excuses for my blogging absence. As the first snow blankets the Northeast and I listen to the tree limbs crack from the weight of the heavy wet snow and plummet to the ground, I will explain my hiatus in the hope that some self-deprecation will save my house from being damaged.

In summation, I stopped blogging, stopped photographing and I have no interesting or valid reasons for my lethargy.  I just got lazy and busy with life like we all do.  It’s that simple.

However my time was not spent on the couch eating Devil Dogs and drinking beer.  I did mange to get a second, third and forth opinion on my ankle and temporarily avoided surgery, my wife got a sweet new Honda Pilot and somewhere in between back to school and my birthday, we got a new dog.

About a year ago our family was faced with the terrible decision to put down  our beloved Koda.  It was difficult to deal with…and that’s when this blog began. About three weeks ago when our vet called to tell us he had three 12-week old puppies and wanted to know if were we ready for a dog again, I knew we were.  Now that we have a new puppy, a Yorkie/cockapoo mix named Eugene Montgomery Archibald Jackson, or simply Jack Jack, I have come full circle and need to make time to get behind the camera and back to blogging.

I did manage to upgrade my photography kit for my birthday. I purchased the only remote shutter release with a timer for my D80.  Now that the nights are longer and I can try and sneak back outside after hours for some time lapse tests.  I also will be purchasing the Nik Software Complete Collection for Lightroom. So hopefully I can begin to experiment with some HDR images and also enhance some of my existing images with some post production tweaks.

I’ve also got some exciting news related to some of my images, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post.


Murphy’s big day in the yard

First I must apologize for not posting this sooner…but I was so tired yesterday, that I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to put my paws on the keyboard.

I’m not sure where my family went, but this new place is the best.  I spent two hours running around with the little man yesterday.  he is fun to play with.  We ate snow, chase balls, chewed sticks, and ran in circles.  Then he rode some sort of motorcycle and I got to bark at him as he crashed into the snow.  It’s like living at carnival for dogs.  I took a nap all afternoon log and when I woke up, I got to sit outside on the back patio and smell the air.

There are two other dogs next door who love to sing to me and I love singing back.

And the best part of yesterday…I got to sleep upstairs on my blanket in the big guy’s room. I wonder what we’re going to do today.


My First Day on vacation

We have a gust blogger this weekend, Murphy the Dog is going to share his experiences during his stay the Howard House Spa for creatures large and small.

Friday 11:30 am

I was a little confused when we arrived at the white house with the big yard.  Paul, Eilish, mom and dad all got out of the car but they weren’t as excited as me.  I jumped out of the car ran in big circles with no leash…then I ran into the house.  I was hoping to see another dog, but no one was around.  So I jumped on the big guy who I don’t know and licked him…then ran back into the yard.  I saw mom bringing my blanket and food into the house. Not sure why she was doing that.

The big guy brought into the house and started petting my head, when I looked out the window…everyone was gone.

Friday 3:00 pm

This place is paradise…check this out, I can walk around with no leash, pee and poop without anyone staring at me, and the big guy just rubs my head every time he walks by me.  I’ve taken two naps already today.