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Seedling success and failures

Tuesday night I finished transplanting the last of the tomato and pepper seedlings into the Cow Pots.  They claim to have no offensive odor, however they do smell.  Regardless, the seedlings are doing great, as a matter of fact, the cucumbers and eight ball squash are doing too well.  They’ve taken off like gang busters and at this rate, might start flowering before I can get them in the ground. In my nervousness and eagerness to not start my seeds too late, I jumped the gun and started some of the plants too early.  Next year I stick to my planned schedule.

(Thanks to Gary for snapping these shots)

Another lesson learned, my wife brought home a stray of dead onion, lettuce and basil plants.  I will try to resurrect them, but I may need to replant those seeds.


Dr Seuss’s garden: Dragon carrots, gold beets, purple tomatoes and red rocket peppers

As usual, my procrastination has gotten the best of me and the two posts that had been rolling around my head this week never got written.  Nor did I finish the book that was due back at the library…or…well you get the picture.

I did manage to sit down for 15-minutes this evening and organize my garden for 2011.  In addition to finalizing my seed purchase for this year’s garden, I will also attempt to start most of my own plants from seed this year. Continue reading