New Expectations

This time of year, a lot people make New Year’s resolutions.  In my opinion, resolutions should come from the United Nations or a Board of Directors, so you won’t be getting any from me.

Instead of resolving to do X, Y, and Z, I am going to clearly articulate, to myself (and you) the expectations for what I will accomplish in 2014. In order to meet those expectations, I will need to choose how I spend my time. Maybe that means less reading or television and better time management, but to succeed, I will need to make smart choices how I spend my time.

In 2014, I am going to set some realistic but challenging expectations for myself. Nothing crazy like lose 20 lbs and complete a triathlon by the end of February. My hope is to work towards accomplishing something fun, meaningful and will not only satisfy me, but benefit those around me.

I’m sure my hands will filled between my family and work, so dedicating hours and hours everyday is out of the question. However, I do think a few projects are realistic. Some of these are one-off projects, others are expectations for the year for lifestyle changes. In another post, I will layout my long term plans for improving the property (designing an extension on the house, new garden area and livestock pen). But for now, here’s where my time and energy will be spent.

1) Bake fresh bread once a month
2) Brew three batches of beer
3) Repair/Replace garage doors
4) Clear back half acre of the property
5) Pickle first batch of cucumbers
5) Eat one meal a day for a week from the garden
6) Build grow hoops
7) Grow corn
8) Plant blueberry patch
9) Design window greenhouse and procure hardware
10) Go on two photography shoots
11) Live on a cash only budget
12) Continue to persuade my wife to let my son and I have a goat, sheep or chickens


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