Santa and his big bag of toys

Santa was very generous this year. Maybe it was out guilt or maybe I finally got off the naughty list.

Either way, I got two of the three big ticket items I really wanted. For starters, I am finally the owner of a pressure canner. Making jams, salsa’s and canning tomatoes stoked the fires enough that I have been itching to get a pressure canner and move up to the big leagues. I can’t wait to see what I can preserve from the garden this year.

tuckI also got a home brewing system to make my own beer. I have images of monks carting mead in oak barrels around Sherwood Forest floating through my head, so maybe I found God or I am channeling my inner Friar Tuck.

Unfortunately, I did not get the 5-acre farm I’ve been nagging my wife about. I would have settled for some chickens or a sheep, but alas, no livestock in my stocking.


There’s always next year.


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