2013, not what I was expecting

Every year, we create expectations for the 12-months to come.  Sometimes those expectations are met…other times not everything goes as planned.  My 2013 was just that, an unexpected roller coaster of challenges, triumphs and joys that no one could have anticipated.

In a year when everything could have gone wrong, so many things went right. When times got tough and they did get tough for us this year, my family was resilient.  Their support and resolve was absolute and they never let us hit rock bottom.

This year, I got to watch my son play t-ball, flag football and learn to swim. He is a happy kindergartner who is reading and writing, so how can I complain?  

As for me, I had hoped to take more photographs and my blogging was sporadic, at best. The garden was not as productive as we had hoped and I still haven’t convinced my wife to let me get the chickens I wanted.  But 2013 will be a year that I never forget. Not only for the difficulties my family persevered through, but for the joys.


One week ago, my daughter Scarlett Acadia Rae was born. In spite of all the challenges this past year delivered, her birth was perfect way to end 2013 and welcome 2014. 

Whatever may come in 2014, planned or not…I’m looking forward to it all.


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