Vacation canning

Most of our vacations in Maine involve eating. Whether its popovers, lobster or blueberries, our family enjoys the culinary delights of Maine. However, with the abundance of blueberries to be found around every corner, it seemed shameful to just eat them for only a week.

First we needed to find some jars. A quick trip to Salisbury Farms Hardware in Bar Harbor solved that problem. Next a quick run to the IGA and I had the rest of my ingredients.

Under normal circumstances, canning is easy, except when you are in a vacation home. Instead of my normal canning tools, I relied on a potato masher and slotted spoon for a jar lifter, a clunky pair of tongs as a lid wand and repurposed at lobster pot as a water bath.


Then I turned two quarts of delicious Maine blueberries into eleven jars of blueberry sauce.



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