Catching up

After dry months in March and April, May and June rain fall totals far exceeded their monthly averages. July seems to be following suit with more than 1.2 inches of rain in two days. As much as I appreciate and welcome the rain, I simply ask that it comes in quarter or eighth of an inch increments on rain days. The repeated flash flood warnings and inch plus deluges are stressful.

The garden has survived, a bit water logged, but I managed to find some free clean wood chips courtesy of Sandy and they have helped protect the plants and the soil.

The potatoes have taken off and seem to be flourishing. The strawberries, squash, beans, corn, cucumbers, peppers, and broccoli are all doing okay, but not great. I think a few nice sunny days would them all some good.


Unfortunately the wacky weather has stopped my carrots dead in their tracks. I have no idea why, but we have two carrots coming in, instead of the eighteen or so I planted. Time permitting, will plant new seeds this week.

In an act of kindness or sympathy, my wife went out and bought four tomato plants to replace the seedlings we lost. Six of the eleven plants survived crazy May and June weather: rain, heat, freezing/frost and then rain again.  Of those six tomato plants, I think three or four of them are Cherokee Purple and Brandywine heirlooms. I don’t think and of my other varieties survived, so it looks like this year will be tomato roulette. Next year I’ll be sure to grow plenty of extras and do a better job labeling the pots.

Although I have not harvested a single vegetable yet, I am already planning the second planting already. Peas, spinach, beets, lettuce and turnips will be planted in late July and early August. I hope to make some cold frames out of a few old window panes to extend the growing season into November, but that is a project and a post, for another day.

Happy Fourth of July everyone.


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