Crazy weather, happy garden?

In the past 10 days, we’ve gone from sweltering heat to flash floods, then to freezing (snow over Memorial Day weekend just north of us) back to a monsoon and now we are stewing in 90 temps again. The down pours and temperature fluctuations have been so severe, that my garden does not know what to do.

Three of my tomato seedlings got tossed onto the compost pile. Luckily I had some extras to replace them. The squash, bean and cucumber seeds I planted over the holiday weekend have already sprouted.

The rains have been intense, more than 0.40 inches came pounding down twice last week, bringing the total for the month to just over 4.8 inches of rain (according to My guess is that the soil probably lost some nutrients. I added some bone marrow (nitrogen for the tomatoes) and Epsom Salt (Magnesium for the tomatoes and peppers).

Miraculously, my strawberries and potatoes seem to be doing very well. I am going to add some soil to the potato beds to help with the hilling, but they seem to be thriving, all 29 staters have come in.

I also planted some sunflowers and corn, but no signs of life yet.

Strawberry patch20130531-222401.jpg

Potato bed #2

My alternative garden; self-watering containers for my peppers.



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