Edible Lanscapes

Along with the rest of the suburbanites, I needed to make my annual Spring pilgrimage to Home Depot for mulch, compost/manure, and some some clean garden soil.

Last year I tried having a few yards of special gardener’s blend delivered to the house and the soil was awful. It was filled with broken glass, pieces of plastic and other non-natural substances. So this year I’m going back to my special homemade blend of peat moss, perlite, compost and top soil for the garden, all readily available from the Depot.

However, as I loaded up the dolly with my wares, I stumbled across some blueberry plants. Blueberries have been atop our list of most wanted plants, but just haven’t been able to find what we wanted. It’s tough to balance the challenge of trying to find ways to make the yard attractive, yet edible. I spent $21 for three plants, figured it was worth a shot.

Now all I need to do is find a nice sunny spot and hopefully next summer we’ll be picking blueberries.


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