Falling to pieces

It seems like the Howard house cannot catch a break.  After a rough fall filled with pneumonia’s, the flu times 2 and other assorted ailments, I thought 2012 would be respite for my family.  Unfortunately I started the year off with a ruptured ear drum and my wife has spent the better part of the past two- weeks recovering from a tonsil and adenoidectomy (the recovery period for adults is lengthier and much more difficult than for kids).

However to add injury to the insults…I’ve had a bum shoulder for the past eight-years.  Usually it acts up for a few days at a time and then goes away.  This time, the pain has stayed for three weeks – time to see my orthopedic doctor.  Upon further review, it turns out to not be my shoulder, but my neck.  The diagnosis is degenerative disc disease and arthritis. The solution is physical therapy and attempt to improve my posture, range of motion, strength and flexibility and let hope that in six weeks I’m good as new.

On the bright side, my knees and ankles have been doing well with my new running regimen (and the anti-inflammatory he prescribed for my neck should help as well) and my doctor sees no reason to curtail my new found hobby.

Should be an interesting month of March.


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