Customer Service…or the lack there of

Many people will tell you that their biggest pet peeve is incompetence.  We all observe people around us doing moronic things and displaying a lack of common sense that drives us crazy.  I think its even more frustrating when the incompetence is blatant and due to stupidity or even worse, laziness .

I have been interested in purchasing an interval timer for my camera, however finding one that works with a Nikon D-80 has been difficult.  All my internet searches lead me back to one manufacturer, Vello/Pearstone, but the model for my camera was no longer available online.  Using simple logic to avoid the hassle of purchasing an incompatible model, I emailed the customer service department at Pearstone and inquired what remote interval timer would work with my camera.

The reply I received was not as prompt as I had anticipated, but the customer service representative gave me the model to purchase and a link to the B&H item. The link brought me to a remote that was temporarily out of stock and listed the D-90 and several other compatible cameras, but not my D-80.  But I had faith , why would the manufacturer’s customer service representative send me  a link to the wrong product.  Plus, it was B&H, so I gave everyone a little extra “benefit of the doubt”.

I happily completed my purchase and waited.  When the remote arrived…it was the wrong remote.  When I went back to looked at the B&H, magically, they now listed a new remote which specifically lists the D-80/70.


Thankfully the folks at B&H took back the original remote, no questions asked and I have ordered a replacement remote.  I plan on contacting the folks at Pearstone/Vello, but I can only imaging how that conversation will go.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

For similarly frustrating experience with customer service or the lack there of, visit PHOTOSOFEDINBURGH’s Blog.


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