My first commission

Since being bitten by the photo bug, I have wanted to have some of my images enlarged and framed.  I think some of the exposures I have captured would be powerful as prints larger than a 4×6.  We have a few small prints scattered around the house and I even had a small image printed on canvas hanging in my office, but no enlargements or other reproductions.

In an either an act of kindness or lunacy, my wonderful mother-in-law has decided to decorate her house with several of my images.  Its an honor and a dream come true to have someone, especially family,  want to display my photographs.  I just need to figure out where to get the images printed so they look great.

Out of sheer curiosity I went to Costco for a few enlargements, not only to test the quality, but also to see what my photographs look like when they are enlarged to 12×18.  Some of the images actually look decent (in my biased opinion) and others that I thought were winners lacked the wow factor when I enlarged them.

All in all it has been a very rewarding experience seeing my images enlarged. Unfortunately the quality of the prints leaves something to be desired.  The colors are so vibrant and powerful on my screen and are lacking the same dramatic punch on paper.  I might need to bite the bullet and try a real printer or see if one of the local photographers might provide printing services for a fee.

I guess the moral of the story is that I would highly recommend that any aspiring photographers take a moment to have a few of your favorite images printed and reassess them, its an eye opening experience.


2 responses to “My first commission

  1. I too have been bit by the photobug, and am enrolled for my associates in photography. I have enlarged my pictures to 8 x 10’s at home, and they just called out to me “Make me bigger” Staples is supposed to do enlargements for a very cheap price, but i think the final product may be poster like quality. I have been planning in trying them soon.

    • Thanks Gypsymaiden,

      Let me know how your enlargements turn out if you go to Staples. There are a few local photographers that provide printing services, so i may just go to their studios and work with them.

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