Last day of vacation

Due to the unforeseen circumstances brought on by hurricane Irene (flooded basement, leaky roof, loss of power and other storm damage) my last post from Maine has been delayed.

With our vacation being cut short, Friday morning was my last chance for another photo shoot.  My goal was to capture the sunrise at Otter Cliffs.  When I left Bernard, it was a humid 64 degrees but the skies were clear.  As I made my way around the island, the skies clouded over and mist began to obscure what initially appeared to be great conditions for a sunrise photography shoot.

I arrived on site at around 5:00 am, which gave me almost 40 minutes to find a location.  As I  my last post stated, I had not had a chance to scout my location, so I wanted to leave myself plenty of time to move around.

When I arrived at the cliffs, I heard the faint groan of an over-worked engine off in the distance.  To my surprise, I looked over the edge of the wall and the light from a lobster boat.




After spending a few minutes listening to the boat, I headed down the Ocean Path in search of a good spot.  There was still a great deal of fog, but I was still hopeful that it would burn off or blow over in time for my sunrise.

I found two great spots and spent a few minutes jogging back and forth taking test shots to see which location would be best.  While fine tuning my composition, I noticed how humid it was.  My lens and filters had fogged over.  To add to the complications, the mosquitoes were out in force.  I quickly hid myself inside my sweatshirt, trying to limit the amount of exposed skin available for the bugs to feast on.

To my dismay, at 6:05 am (15 minutes after the expected sunrise) I realized that the fog would not be clearing.  In spite of all of the fog and moisture on my lens, I continued to capture images that I hoped would translate well.  I think my patience paid off, because somewhere around 6:30 am, the sun broke through the fog and I was rewarded with some great lighting. Below are a few of the shots I captured.  More to come once I get a chance to review them.


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