Cadillac Mountain Sunrise

At 4:02 am this morning I inadvertently woke up. Rather than going back to sleep immediately, I wrestled with the idea of sneaking off for my first photography shoot of my vacation. In the end, my inner Ansel won out.

At 4:32 am I left Bernad and headed off in the 52 degree temperatures with mostly cloudy skies to get to the top of Cadillac Mountain for a 5:30 am sunrise. As luck would have it, I got stuck behind not one, but two slow moving clunkers and didn’t arrive to the summit until a touch after 5:00 am.

I quickly got my camera mounted onto my tripod and took off to find my spot, leaving two dozen or so on lookers mulling around the summit.  On Monday, we had visited the summit and I had done some scouting and thought I had identified a few promising vantage points. But as the sky began to turn into a magic show of colors, I was still scrambling to find the right spot.

The view from Cadillac is great, you have an unobstructed view to the east to see the morning light show, but I just could not find an interesting foreground to make an exciting and interesting composition.  After hustling around, snapping a few test shots along the way, I was still disappointed with all of my options.  There were no interesting leading lines, no unique features on the mountain that jumped out at me.  I decided it was better to capture the sunrise with a so-so composition than miss it entirely. Here are four of today’s best shots, with a minimal amount of processing.


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