The Quest for Tomato Self-sufficiency

The garden continues to produce tomatoes at an unheralded pace. I am expecting three more Cherokee Purples in the next few days and I’ve been adding four or five of the little cherry tomatoes to almost every meal I’ve eaten this week.  Best of all, the three Granadero plants are averaging four to six tomatoes a day and the past three days the yield has been higher.

The goal of the garden for 2011 was to not only have fresh produce on demand during the summer, I was also challenged with growing enough tomatoes to get through the winter.

Thank’s to the good folks at Ball Canning and Preserving, I had all the supplies and recipes I’d needed, the only problem was that I have never tried canning.

With a surplus of plum tomatoes, and some time to kill before dinner, at 5:00 pm the canning and preserving process began and by 7:00 pm I had managed to take these tomatoes and turned them into these.

I still have a few wrinkles to iron out in my technique, but it appears that I have successfully canned three quarts of tomatoes. My goal is to have a dozen quarts of tomatoes and a few pints of salsa canned by the end of the growing season. Today was a great start to accomplishing the 2011 garden challenge of being tomato self-sufficient.


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