Three thoughts from Saturday morning

As our economy continues to crumble, another victim of the GW economy closed its doors. Maybe the Kindle and iPad helped, but Borders has declared bankruptcy and is in the process of liquidating their inventory.  On Saturday morning, the first round of markdowns and price slashing began.  Like most bargain hunters, I thought it would be worth a peek.

As I entered the building, I noticed that the cafe was already closed…a telling sign of why Borders was closing their door, because the store was mobbed and they would have made a small fortune in caffeine sales.

There was a lively hustle as shoppers scrambled to find their bargains.  After a thorough reconnoiter, our family found a few deals and I patiently stood in line to pay.  That’s when I noticed a stocky middle-aged man with a buzzed hair cut and an earpiece with a white cord running into the collar of his shirt.  I stared at him, puzzled why the now defunct Borders felt the need to patrol for shoplifters. Another case of poor management?  And that’s when I saw the white mane of President Bill Clinton. He was causally strolling through the store with about a dozen books piled in his arms.  A resident of Chappaqua, he must have heard of the sale and joined the rest of hoard to the Mt. Kisco Borders.

As I watched him navigate the store, three thoughts ran through my mind:

  1. Ironic that he’s bargain shopping for books in a liquidation sale that was caused by the mismanagement of the economy that he fixed and his predecessor destroyed,
  2. Do you think he called Hillary down in DC and told her about the deals he found?
  3. What books did he buy that were such good deals that he waited for a sale and didn’t already own them?

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