How to buy a tripod – Part 3

My bids on auctions for new and used legs and heads consistently came up short. I wasn’t going blow my budget…so I needed a Plan B.

In considering my options, I decided that the joystick head was non-negotiable, therefore I would need to find a way to save on my legs.

While trolling eBay, I kept finding older tripod legs, 3001, 3221 and 3021.   Maybe I had found a solution: the predecessor to 055xprob…the 3021bpro.

The tripod is a hair heavier, but has all the same technical specs and functionality.  The only difference is how you can extend and move the center column to a horizontal position.  Instead of a one piece action, the center column must be removed and reinserted.

After a few more failed auctions, I found both items for sale together in one auction.  All told, I was able to purchase a used head and tripod, carry bag and electronic shutter release  for $210.

While I am slightly disappointed that I was unable to buy all new gear for a nickel, I am very excited to get my new gear and start using it. So without further adieu….here she is (image is from eBay auction):


2 responses to “How to buy a tripod – Part 3

  1. Nice. If you were having trouble getting outbid at the last second, try I have not used their service in a long time but you can have your bids pinged and bid with only seconds left in an auction.

    • I’ve used these types of services before and actually ended up using one on the auction I won. The big problem was that people were just over paying. On some items, there were bids for $10 to $20 over the price, plus an inflated shipping cost.

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