is it entrapment??

Living in the country affords many luxuries that some city slickers may tend to overlook such as the large swathes of green space, the quaint charm of the locals and of course the cute and friendly critters. 

However ask any of those “yocals” and its damn that bear, the heck with dem ‘coons and gosh darn mice ate my granola bar again.

It looks like country living has caught up with me.  As I set the up the mouse traps tonight, I reflected on the wise words I once heard from George Castanza when he (the ultimate city slicker) referred to the squirrels in NYC , “I thought we had a deal…”

Up until now, I noticed a small mouse poop here and there, but nothing that warranted any action.  However last night the little buggers crossed the line and crapped all over my counter!  So I’m fighting back.  But isn’t odd that in an effort to rid my kitchen of mice, I am setting up traps with peanut butter to lure them in?


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