I never thought I would say this…

Most people love to procrastinate…especially when it comes to mowing the lawn.  Naturally, I thought with my injured ankle and broken lawnmower, I would be on easy street with excuses for letting the lawn get out of control.

Oddly enough, instead of my normal belly aching about mowing the lawn, I have come to realize that I despise having an unkempt lawn.  Over the past three weeks, I have watched my lawn has become a wild mess. With all of the rain and warm weather, the grass has grown so tall, that I can’t see the squirrels running around.   It’s driving me nuts…I WANT to mow my lawn (I can’t believe I just said that).

When I got home from work today, it was a great relief to hear four magic words from the Lowes Customer Service desk on my answering machine, ” your mower has arrived.”

I am honored to present to you the latest addition to the power tool collection, the Husqvarna HU700L self-propelled lawnmower

my new toy

I pick her up tomorrow morning on my way to work…and if the weather and the rest of my life cooperates, I will bring sanity and order back to the wild grasslands of Ossining.


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