Tale of the tomatoes

Behold a herculean effort that shall be recorded in the Farmers’ Almanac and documented by the guy’s with the green thumbs. Somehow a few of my tomato plants survived and seem to be thriving.
Three of the Granadero’s and two of the Cherokee Purple’s held on just long enough for me to get in to the garden.

Unfortunately, none of the Brandywine seedlings survived.  My uneducated guess is that I started the plants too early and when they out grew their artificial light source, they were too weak to survive outside.

My garden expansion plan has been put on hold for the summer. There will be no new raised beds constructed for the 2011 season.  I have opted to pull out the self-watering containers to finish off my plantings.

My second round of Diva cucumbers and Eight ball squash sprouted very quickly and have been replanted into the self-watering containers for the season. As well as a cherry tomato, 4th of July and another heirloom tomato plant which were donated to the garden by a co-worker.

The carrots, beets, spinach and onions are all showing signs of life and the peppers,  cauliflower and broccoli have taken root as well.


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