My blogging sabbatical has finally ended

Here is a review of the past 30 some odd days:

  • It has been 25-days since my computer has properly worked. HP tried their best to encourage me to buy a iMac with their poor customer service and technical support. I believe they succeeded.
  • 17-days ago, I missed a step and fell off the front of a building and severely sprained my ankle.  The timing was perfect – two days prior to my son’s birthday party, rending me worthless for the clean-up and preparations.
  • In my absence, my mother-in-law and wife performed heroically, unfortunately my lawn mower did not.  The blade sliced through the decking and bent the drive shaft, rendering the machine worthless. My new mower will not arrive until next week….you can only imagine what the tall grasses of Ossining look like one-month in between mowing’s.
  • The Hudson River Valley is now into day 7 or is it 8 of rain and overcast gloomy weather.  Great for the garden, rotten for everything else.
  • I too fell for the false prophesy of end of the world, I guess I’m going to regret that shopping spree at Target on Saturday when my credit card bill arrives.
Stay tuned additional posts including one for the dinosaur cake and some photography odds and ends.

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