Henry’s Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Thanks to Nonni, Henry’s dinosaur birthday cake was a huge hit.  There were only two minor flaws in the execution of our plan.  First, the cake that we baked was far too moist and soft, which normally is a good thing, except when you are trying to construct a prehistoric creature out of cake pieces.

Second, when the bottle of vanilla extract ran out, we switched to some “homemade” extract.  Unfortunately the kit we used did not produce the aromatic flavorful liquid we expected.  Rather a pungent bourbon liquid which might have gotten us slightly intoxicated while building our dinosuar.

Below is a small gallery of the cake’s transformation from two 9″ cake rounds into our cake-a-saurus.



2 responses to “Henry’s Dinosaur Birthday Cake

  1. Josh and cake building team,

    That cake is legit. Cake Boss watch out…..

    Hope you enjoyed the celebration!


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