A few sunny days for the garden

This week has been great for working in the garden.   Seems like even the gnomes are ready to go back to work.

waiting for work

My resurrection efforts are in full swing.  I’ve re-potted the remaining tomato plants, added some extra plant food and let them sit out in today’s warm sun.  Hopefully a few days or R&R will get them back on track.

I have also planted the seeds for the Romaine, spinach, beets, carrots and red onions into two of the existing beds.

As the price of gas continues to rise and the cost of living follows suit, the idea of spending $300 on the supplies to build three additional beds for the garden seems foolish.  However a brilliant though crossed my mind… cannibalism.  With a little hard work and 6 pieces of cedar, I can take apart the second tier of the existing planter and use some of the spare parts I have to make three 4×4 beds!


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