Garden woes

As the threat of frost diminishes and the soil temperatures warm I’d be remiss if I didn’t update you on my garden woes.

Two weeks ago I brought home the tomato, squash and cucumber plants.  After excelling in the seed trays and then a successful transplant into the cow pots, some of the seedlings have taken a turn for the worse. All of the cucumber and squash plants have died.  And all of the Brandywine seedlings have gone the way of the compost bin as well.  I’m not sure what happened, maybe they went into shock after living the plush life in my office under the grow lamps.  I suspect I may have left them outside on a day that was too cool and windy for them.On the bright side, some of the tomato pants have survived.  I have two Cherokee Purple and three Ganadero’s.  Also all of the peppers are doing great.  So in spite of my eagerness to get started (two/three weeks to early) things re looking good.

I am going to plant some new cucumber and squash seeds tonight and hope to have some seedling ready in a few weeks after the threat of frost is gone. Not too bad for a rookie seed starter.

I’ve started preparing the beds for the seedlings and seeds.  It’s difficult to get a straight answer on how to properly recharge the soil.  After vigorously turning the soil over with a pitch fork, I’ve decided to add a 1/4 cup of organic plant food and two bags of compost/cow manure to each of the 8″ tall beds.  To the 16″ bed, I’ve decided to add 3 yards of Miracle Grow Organic soil, 1/4 cup of organic plant food and two bags of compost.  I will continue to research my options, but so far, this plan looks sufficient.

I will also try and get some of the seeds into the beds this weekend as well.  The lettuce, onions, spinach and beets will all get planted.  As well as the carrots and kale.


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