Where is the CDC when you need them?

On Friday the 18 of March, a bio-weapon of mythological strength was unleashed on four unsuspecting families (who will remain nameless to protect the infected).  It spread faster than swine flu and left all of it’s unsuspecting victims miserable.

By Tuesday March 22, 2011, a Streptococcal infection spread to just about the entire family. The first family member to show symptoms was was my niece. Next her cousin, both grandmothers, father, mother and aunt became ill with Streptococcus.  Thursday morning my father-in-law began showing signs of being sick.  The survivors from the plague of were her brother and myself.

As luck would have it, I woke up on Thursday morning with a tooth ache.  The thought that I had been grinding my teeth or just had a sensitive spot and it would go away on its own crossed my mind, so I ignored the dull throbbing sensation in my upper molar.  Oddly, the tooth didn’t hurt when I drank cold or hot beverages.  Nor did chewing with it.  But when I swallowed, it would throb. By Saturday morning, the pain had become so annoying that I decided that a call to my dentist was in order.  Now most people dread the dentist, but mine is  a funny self-absorbed egomaniac, who simply cracks me up.  When he offered to squeeze me in to ease my suffering, I gladly took the appointment, but braced myself for the worst.  I was expecting to hear those dreaded words…cavity or even worse…root canal.

To my surprise, the tooth ache was not related to any dental maladies…but family the plague of Strep.  My throat was raw and inflamed and apparently the second molar has nerves that run down the back of your throat and the Strep was causing the pain in the nerves, hence the tooth ache.  Another victim.

Sadly, we received word this afternoon that my nephew, the family’s lone survivor of this germ-a-thon, had succumbed to Strep this afternoon.  A clean sweep of the family.


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