Time to start your seeds in growing zone 6

Like many new gardeners, knowing when to start your seeds is paramount to a successful season. To do so, you need to know your average last frost date for me in Westchester County, my magic date is April 15 or May 15 or somewhere in between. No two websites give you the same date.  I’ve picked May 7 as my planting day.  Working back from the last frost date, here are the dates I will start my seeds.

  • Krimson Lee peppers 3/14/2011
  • Carmen peppers 3/14/2011
  • Red rocket peppers 3/14/2011
  • Amazing Cauliflower 3/14/2011
  • Brandywine tomato 3/28/2011
  • Granadero tomato 3/28/2011
  • Cherokee Purple tomato 3/28/2011
  • Marble Red Onions 3/6/2011
  • Diva cucumbers 4/4/2011
  • Ridgeline Romaine 3/6/2011
  • Eight Ball Squash
  • Arcadia Broccoli 3/14/2011


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