How Groupon and FTD shanghaied my Valentine’s Day

I love deal as much as anyone and that’s why I signed up to receive daily deals from Groupon.  It sounded like a no brainer; when a deal is offered and enough people buy in, then you get the discounts that were advertised.  For example, let’s take the recent FTD Groupon.  You could buy $40 worth of flowers for $20 and you could use it just in time for Valentine’s Day.  How can you go wrong.

Let me count the ways.

First, someone at FTD forgot to remember to not inflate their prices for the Groupons.  Instead of charging their normal prices, FTD decided they needed to inflate their prices to compensate for lost revenue from the discounts that were going to be applied, I’m not sure the folks at FTD really understand the concept of a coupon.

Second, my flowers should have had 50 buds, now I’m not a botanical expert, but my undergrad and graduate degrees have enabled me to count to fifty…and the vase I ordered did not have 50 blossums in it.

Last but certainly not least, after paying an $18 delivery and handling fee, the wonderful experts at FTD managed to deliver the flowers to the wrong place (isn’t FTD’s claim that they use local florist to ensure fresh flowers and guaranteed delivery).

So in short, I ended up paying $58 for a $40 bouquet, that was delivered to the wrong place and was short a dozen flowers…Luckily for me, Cupid managed to smooth things over with the wife.

Luckily for Groupon, they refunded my money and gave me a bonus to be used on my next deal.

Unfortunately for FTD, they lost a customer.  Next year it’s chocolates and puppy!


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