The long road to a classic barbershop shave

Until June 2010, I hated shaving.  It was the bane of my existence.  I would get in-grown hairs, razor burn, my skin would get red and irritated and most of all shaving seemed like a huge waste of time.  I probably would have just given in to the temptations of going native and let my whiskers grow, a except for the fact that my wife likes me clean-shaven.

I tried using plastic disposable razors, single, double, triple and quad blade options…all failed me. Every time Gillette had a new super-charged razor or specialized shaving cream, I’d rush out and try it with the hopes of relief.  Every time I would be disappointed.

I even tried a few electric razors with hope of getting a clean shave.  After spending twice the amount of time as a regular shave,  all of my maneuvering the razor and contorting my face and neck to get every little stubbly hair, I was left with five o’clock shadow by 10:00 am. In an act of desperation, I turned to my wife, who in turn spoke with her dermatologist and the search for a solution began.


One response to “The long road to a classic barbershop shave

  1. Let nature take it course. Men were meant to have beards. Men look absolutely great with a beard! Beards present a hugely masculine and very sexy image. Many women find a trimmed beard far more appealing than the clean-shaven, baby-face look. And believe me, they are much softer & kinder on a girl’s face (or elsewhere 😉 than 5-hour stubble. Ouch!

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