I cooked Polenta that you’re grandmother would eat

As a fan of Top Chef on Bravo, I wanted to try making Polenta after seeing how well received Fabio’s Polenta and chicken was two weeks ago.  Never having made this corn-based dish before, I hit the books and found two different receipes.  One that called for water and the other for milk to be mixed with the coarsely ground cornmeal. Not sure which to use, I sought the fable insights of a Sicilian Nona and used her suggestion of chicken broth.

1 cup of coarsely ground corn meal
3 cups of chicken stock
Salt and pepper

Boil two cups of the chicken broth.  Meanwhile, pour the remaining cup of broth into a large sauce pan and gently whisk in the corn meal and heat over a low flame.  When boiling, whisk in the two cups of chicken stock.  Stir/whisk continuously for 25-30 minutes until mixture reaches desired consistency.  Salt and pepper to taste.

I served it with some hot turkey sausage, mariana sauce and grated some Parmesan Reggiano cheese on top.


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