Super Sunday

A week has past since Super Bowl Sunday, why is that relevant?  I started this post seven days ago and have managed to not complete it.   Ironically, I was going to write about how Super Bowl parties are usually a day of excess.  You eat too many ribs, wings, pigs-a-blanket, egg rolls and drink too much beer and other tasty libations. But my post, manages to get push aside by the excess that is life.

Quick week in review, on Monday my son’s temperature spike at 102 degrees and coupled with an over aggressive doctor whose throat culture causes the poor kid to vomit all over his mother, which makes the wait for a chest x-ray all the more painful.

My wife got sick (on the side of the highway) and had to turn her car around on Tuesday.

Wednesday was a blur and I can’t remember it.

Add on all of the other stresses of baking 3 dozen cup cakes for a nursery school party and whatever else happened this past week…and its not wonder I haven’t started my morning Yoga or managed to pull the camera out of its bag or finish this post.

I did manage to read a book this past week, nothing too scholarly, but it’s nice to lose oneself in the pages of a quick fiction.

In the wake of this excitement, I am looking forward to the bliss and tranquility of the post post Superbowl weekend.  Here’s hoping for a a quiet week.


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