When the weatherman gives you snow, buy tomatoes

As I was shoveling what felt like 500 lbs of granulated sugar, I allowed my mind to wander to warmer endeavors.  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my shoveling…I did, each of the three trips I made to keep the driveway clear were zenful retreats from my chaotic “work from home” day .

The race to keep pace with the plows, which for the record did an outstanding job keeping Rt 134 open and clear and the end of my driveway covered in what can only be described as cookie dough,  caused me to further ponder yesterday’s boating/hobby dilemma.  My mind to wandered back to the boat and eventually I ended up in the garden.  Could/should I downsize the garden to make time to sail, camp, kayak etc…?

During coffee breaks and rest periods from shoveling and in between work phone calls and emails, I pulled out the Territorial Seed and Johnny’s catalogs and thumbed my way through the beans, beets, carrots, lettuces squash and tomatoes. It is fascinating how many options a home gardener has when choosing their crops.  Of all my interests, I think the garden is the most logical to pursue as planned.  It’s will pay for itself, it will feed the family and it has the least travel time involved.

So in spite of the storm, I focussed on the delicious Brandywine, Cherokee Purple and plum tomatoes that I would be growing.  Imagining the heat of the summer as I peeled off my gloves and ice riddled jacket.

Where does this leave me with my decision bout the boat?  No closer to having an answer this evening than I was this morning.  But I do have my seeds all picked out and I’m ready for a bumper crop of those Brandywines.


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