To boat or not to boat…

That is the question of the day.  An amazing offer has come my way.  In short, I think I can get my hands on a 19′ O’Day Mariner for the price of a 16-piece bucket of KFC. Seriously, the cost to purchase the boat is less than nominal.

O'Day Mariner

the crux

The catch…and there is always a catch, is that the boat needs some TLC.  It looks like the bottom needs to be painted (who knew that boat paint cost $180 a gallon.  But how many gallons does it take to paint the bottom of a boat?) and the outboard motor probably needs a hearty servicing (notice it holding up the boat).  Other than that I think she’ll float…and hopefully sail.  The sails and rigging are all intact.  I have access to a boat slip and the current owner will allow me to keep the boat in their yard until the Spring, so I will have no storage or mooring fees until the fall.

Oh there is one other minor point to consider…I don’t know how to sail.  So one option is to forgo the boat and the repairs and take sailing lessons (a minimum of $200 -$400 a person) and enjoy the summer on the Loose Goose II, my father-in-law’s Maxum motorboat.  Or for the same price, I can buyt the O’Day and learn on my own.  The Ossining Community Sailing Club is an amazing local club and the members would be a great resource.

The dilemma is, as my wife stated, ” You are a renaissance man.  Between the garden, inoperable Harley, kayaks and camping, photography and cooking do you really have time for another hobby this summer?”  and she’s right! Do I?

But for the price of a some original recipe thighs and a box of biscuits I can fall down the rabbit hole of owning a boat.

Decisions, decisions decisions.


2 responses to “To boat or not to boat…

  1. Sounds cool. What about restoring it, then selling in the summer to make some coin? THEN, come climbing with me instead while the Harley is being repaired. Next sell that and get the kayaks dusted off so all of us can go out with them.

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