It’s January 9…

Over the past 10-days, I’ve been reading a variety of blogs.  Some focus on photography, others on cooking…some just on the odds and ends of people’s lives.  All the bloggers have waxed poetically about the end of 2010 and welcomed 2011 with open arms.  And it got me thinking…what are my 2011 resolutions?  What’s going to be different during the next 365 days? I made my superficial list of self improvement promises, coupled with some home improvement wishes as well as some hobbies I’d like to focus on.  But during the past ten days, living with no heat on my first floor, dealing with a wicked stomach flu that knocked me out for a day and subsequently landed my wife in the ER, I’ve come to peace with the fact that surviving each day and making each day the best day it can be should be my goal.  So unlike many of my fellow bloggers, you will get no promises of grandeur for a fairytale 2011, you’ll just get my promise that everyday I’ll give it my best and will try to share as much of it with you as possible.


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