Well water at 19.5 degrees

It’s 12:17 am and the thermometer is reading a brisk, but refreshing temperature of 19.5 degrees. Why should it matter how cold it is outside?

Well you guessed it right, I’m trying another long exposure technique. I tried this last week, but unfortunately for me, after leaving the shutter open for an hour to capture my image, the cooler temperatures claimed the life of my battery and it was all for not.

So I’ll give it a second chance with a slightly shorter exposure time. If I get an image, I’ll post it tomorrow along with the settings I experimented with.

On another note, it appears that my well is not functioning properly. It is a very uncomfortable feeling when you turn on the kitchen faucet and nothing comes out.

I’m hoping for a simple solution from the professionals tomorrow, but I have a sneaky suspicion that there maybe some heavy machinery coming to my front yard.


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