A reason for thanks

As the holiday weekend draws to an end we all have many reasons for giving thanks.

It maybe cliche, but this weekend above all reminds us to stop and be grateful for what we have.  For some, it’s the rare opportunity to see family.  Others are thankful for their health or good fortune.  For me this weekend was a bittersweet opportunity to give the dearest of friends the biggest thank you I could.  After 10+ years of love, companionship, patience and guidance, the time had finally come to let Koda go.  She had fought the best of fights, beating cancer and surviving on three legs.  But on Saturday morning, it was time to be thankful for the amazing journey she and I experienced together and let her rest.

I want to thank her for being my hiking partner on the Appalachian Trail.  I want to thank her for making me a better person by teaching me patience.  I want to thank her for preparing me to be a father.

Koda was more than just a pet, she was my best friend and for that, I want to say thank you to her.

For all of you who knew her, her innocence and boundless energy for life was her trademark.  And for each of you who got to share a little piece of that, I am truly thankful.

Rest in peace Koda, you will not be forgotten.


3 responses to “A reason for thanks

  1. Josh, I remember Koda from when you both joined me and friends for my bachelor party hike almost 6 years ago. I don’t typically remember dogs names and they sort of blend together for me but Koda was an exception. When I read your blog post I was saddened to hear that she was ill. It’s impressive to see the joy and life changing values she has brought to you. I know how much time you both spent together and send my condolences to you in the tough time.

  2. Worm — We’re so sorry to hear of Koda’s passing. She was a huge part of our trail family in 2001 and we will never forget the richness she brought to our lives during our hike. Her boundless energy, playfulness, and personality (like her reaction when she involuntarily donated some food to a starving stray dog, then went ballistic) will always be part of some of our greatest memories.

    – Tom and Heather

  3. Josh,
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know Koda. We will all miss her boundless energy in the office, four legs or three. She was a a lovely dog, and deserved no less than the wonderful life and the tribute you gave her.
    As you said, the joy she brought you and your family will always outweigh the pain of losing her. But it does hurt and I feel your loss.
    I am so sorry,

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